Do the nature of photoshoots and how each of is different there is no way I could just lay out an accurate one size fits all price point, However below you will find information that will guide you through how pricing is calculated.

 Aside from a few exceptions most shoots start at 100$. 


The first part of my price calculations stems from location. The 3 main factors for this part of the cost are:

  • "How far is the projected location?"
  • "Is there a fee to be able to take photos there?"
  • "Is it difficult to get there(i.e is there a 3 mile hike involved)?"


The most important Criteria affecting a quote would be the length of the shoot itself for example, an 8 hour wedding day compared to 30 minute mini shoot. Please note that the time at the shoot is only a small portion of the total time spent on any given project. Another factor to keep in mind would be time spent editing after the project where color corrections, touch ups, and style are manifested. 


Depending on your requirements and style preferences editing may range from extreme re-touching to simple exposure changes. The majority of the portion of the time spent on a project is spent behind the scenes editing. It is impossible to calculate an exact amount of time it may take to edit any given project so a reasonable estimation is made for in order to provide a final price to the client that will not change unless there is an exuberant difference between the estimated time and actual time spent editing.

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